Great Warford in Kelly’s Directory of 1939

“Great Warford township is 2 miles west from the parish church and 4 1/2 from Knutsford , and was the site of a Roman settlement. There are Baptist and Methodist chapels and a parish hall.  The only charity is one of a £2 yearly value.  The David Lewis Manchester Epileptic Colony are the chief landowners.  The soil is sandy  and stiff clay; the population in 1931 was 882, area, 1211 acres.

By the County of Chester Review Order, 1936, part of this civil parish was transferred to Mobberley.

Private Residents

Alfred K.Armitage  The Moss

Mrs Armstrong,  Cherry Trees

L.B Blood, Carlisle House

Bertram Heyes Duxbury,  Warford House

George W. Higgins, Penley Cottage

Henry Hope, Kynnersley

Cyril Richmond Hughes, Heath Cottage

Charles Mace, Little Moss

W.Noton, Burlington Lodge

E.P Ryan, Ellerslie

Miss Harriet Slack, Hillcroft

Wilfrid Smart, Little Moss

Ernest Wainwright, Swan Bank



Aldermoss Kennels (Mrs J.M Armitage, proprietress, pekes, dacschunds and cairns) The Moss, T N Alderley Edge 2105

Ancoats Hospital Convalescent Home (Miss Jane Eliz. Armstrong, matron) Mobberley 50

Ernest Bloor, farmer, Dane villa

L. Brighouse, farmer, Clay house

Brown Owl Cafe (Miss M. Bardsley, proprietress) Mobberley 2145

Frederick Burgess, farmer

Gladys Annie Cook (Miss) confectioner

Thomas Crimes, farmer Knutsford Rd

T. Davies and son, farmers

Joseph Harold Davies, refreshment rooms

James Henry Dawson, farmer, Orrells

Walter Dodd, farmer, Bostock House

Albert Dunn, grocer, Mobberley 3218

Thomas Gaskell, farmer, Noon Sun Farm

William Hatton, farm bailiff to Warford Hall & Sandlebridge Schools for Feeble Minded Children

George Hayman, farmer, Pownall House

Arthur Hope, farmer, Lindow End

Arthur Jackson, farmer, Blue Boar Farm

Thomas Jones, farmer, Kelsall house

Norris Kaye, (Mrs N.Bryans, proprietress) shopkeeper, Prospect House, Mobberley 2163

Percy Kennerley, farmer, Lindow end.  Mobberley 3110

Martin Brothers, sand merchants, Mobberley 3109

William Henry Mayer, Heathgate

Mobberley Boys School (J.R Alexander, head master) Knolls Green (letters through Knutsford)  Mobberley 2118

John Thomas Mortimer, smallholder Mobberley 3122

William Morris & Sons, nurserymen, Alderley Edge, 2113

John Moulton, farmer, Pedley House Farm

Frank Pierson, grocer

Edwin Potts, farmer, Grange House

Matthew Potts, farmer, Lingards

George Richardson, farmer, Manor Farm

Frank Robinson, farmer, Sand Pit Farm

Rose and Crown P.H  (Mrs Annie Smith)

Mrs Scott and sons, farmers, Edge view

Percy Slack, farmer, Little Moss

Stag’s Head Inn, (Joe Mosscrop) Mobberley 2144

Peter Venables, farmer

Warford Hall and Sandlebridge Schools for Feeble Minded Children (Miss Grace Wyatt, supt) Mobberley 2149

Warford Kennels (Mrs H.J Hughes , proprietress) Mobberley 3119

Rod Wild, farmer, Lindow End, Mobberley3112

Wilmslow Golf Club (Geoffrey Tweedale, secretary, Fred Taggart, professional) Mobberley 2148


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