Great Warford Soldiers in WW1

The first part of my research into local soldiers and their experiences in World War One, is almost complete, with the thirty seven names listed on the war memorial for Great Warford being investigated first.

I have a fairly comprehensive story for about 50% of these, about another 20% with little information, and a few names still eluding me completely in the records.

Of the thirty seven listed, four were killed in action, with a really interesting set of different experiences and contributions made by all I have managed to uncover so far.

There are several sets of brothers listed, and a real variation in ages at enlistment.  A small community like Great Warford, reliant in many ways on it’s strong men to toil on it’s many farms, must have felt their absence keenly during the war years.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any further information on any of the names listed, particularly those whom I have not been able to find as yet.  If you have not already had a look, all my information is on the War Memorial Research Tab;  simply scroll down below the photograph and click on one of the names.

As we approach August, the official beginning of the Centenary, I will be uploading information that I have uncovered for Little Warford and Marthall, so keep checking the site.

I look forward to seeing you at the next Great Warford Village Picnic which will be Saturday 31st May 2014, on the Green by Warford Crescent.  I will be having a local history display, to include information about WW1 so it would be lovely to hear your comments.

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