Enoch Leech

Ethel & Enoch Leech circa 1945 (1)

Enoch Leech was the eldest son of Emily Gradwell and Joseph Leech and was baptized on the 16th July 1882, at St John’s Church, Lindow, near Wilmslow.  The family lived on Paddock Hill Lane, Great Warford, where Joseph was a farmer, alongside Enoch’s siblings, Alice and Alexander Gradwell.

In 1902, Enoch married Ethel Norbury, and later moved to Yew Tree Cottage on Edge View Lane with his wife and daughter Lily, and worked as a bricklayer.

The photograph above taken in about 1945, shows Enoch with his wife Ethel at their house on Nursery Lane in Wilmslow.  The couple had four sons after their daughter Lily, Albert, Harry, Peter Norbury and James.

During World War One, Enoch served with the  19th Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers as a Private and his family recount that he fought in the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and was subjected to “gas attacks” in the trenches by the German Army.

He was awarded the British War Medal for serving in a theatre of war, or rendered service overseas between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918.

He was awarded the Victory Medal for service in an operational theatre between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. It was issued to individuals who received the 1914 and 1914-15 Stars and to most individuals who were issued the British War Medal.

No further details are known about his military service, and he died on the 14th August 1960.

This information and photograph were kindly donated by Enoch’s family.

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  1. I am the grandson of Alexander Gradwell, Enoch’s brother, and the son of Alexander Noel Leech (deceased), Alexander Gradwell’s son. I lived in Moss Lane in Alderley until I was three and until we moved to Macclesfield, where I grew up. We visit the cemetery at Great Warford each December, where Alexander Gradwell, his wife Joyce Leech, Alexander Noel and Dorothy May (my mother) are buried in the same plot. It is lovely to find out a little of my family history; thank you.

  2. My Grandmother was married to Enochs son, Peter Norbury Leech. Sadly, he died in 1944, leaving my grandmother with two young children – My mother & my uncle.
    I remember my Grandmother speaking of Enoch, but never knew much about him, as by the time I came along in 1957, she had re-married.

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