Sandlebridge Special Schools – Part 2

The following excerpts are taken from some of the Logbooks of Sandlebridge Schools, running from 1902 – 1916.

These give a flavour of everyday life at the school, with some lovely details about some of the happy times at the School.

Oct 14th 1902 – Miss Dendy and Dr Surridge paid their usual weekly visit.  All the children well with the exception of J.T, who had a severe epileptic fit during the night.

Oct 25th 1902 – Dr Ashby called and saw the boys at play.  He noticed J.E particularly and expressed regret at the great trouble he was causing.  His habits do not improve.

Nov 11th 1902 – Dr Surridge and Miss Dendy paid their usual weekly visit.  Dr Surridge advised that the boy J.E should no longer be kept at Sandlebridge.  J.E of Bollin Fee left here today and his place was taken by W.W, who had a light fit during the afternoon.

Nov 23rd 1902 – C.H Wyatt Esq.  called in with sweets for the children.

Dec 18th 1902 – School closed for Christmas vacation. Owing to this bad weather the boys were unable to work in the garden at the usual hour.

Jan 16th 1903 – Miss Holdsworth gave her second lesson on basket weaving this morning, the children being much interested.

Jan 22nd 1903 – Wrote to the parents of each child prohibiting visits to the school on account of the prevailment of small pox in so many places.  Four boys vaccinated.

Feb 19th 1903 – Funeral of I.M took place this morning.  Children assembled as usual in the school room for prayers and singing of hymns after which we took them for a very long walk.  Registers were not marked today in consequence of the sad event.

Apr 21st 1903 – A large parcel of clothing arrived for the children from the Isle of Wight.


Dec 10th 1911 – W.H died at 9pm.  Inquest at Little Boys Home.  Funeral at Alderley Cemetery, atttended by Miss Dendy, Miss Brough and parents.

Dec 15th 1911 – Christmas Tree Festivities for girls.   All girls had tea in Little Girls House and a magic lantern entertainment in school afterwards.  Miss Dendy distributed the presents save for boys next day.

Dec 21st 1911 – Miss Dendy came and called registers and also brought “Captain Scott” and the large bear presented by the Cinderella Club.   Gave all the men a meat pie and the laundry women a canister of tea.

Dec 25th 1911 – All the children had roast beef and plum pudding for dinner.

Feb 7th 1912 – C.W whipped by Mr Appleby for overbearing manner and impudence.

May 11th 1912 – Brook House opened, took in those from Big Boys House.  To celebrate the opening the boys had a supper of roast beef and plum pudding.  Miss Dendy had supper with them.

Oct 2nd 1912 – Opening of Brook House by Sir Thomas Thornhill Shann and sale of children’s work £19.0.7.  Donation box £4.9.7


Jan 25th 1913 – H.T ran away during afternoon school.  Several members of the staff went searching for him, but could not find him.  He appeared at Warford Lodge next morning and had spent the night in Soss Moss Wood.  He has also taken a sixpence belonging to one of the other boys and spent it and tried to take another sixpence from a boy he met in the wood but he was unsuccessful. Received 4 strokes with the tawse for stealing and boasting about his escapade.

July 14th 1913 – Day school closed all day due to the King’s visit to Manchester.  All the children received a box of chocolates from the Lord Mayor of Manchester.

July 17th 1913 – The Little Boys had a picnic to the Sandhills, Alderley Edge, the girls to Ollerton Wood.

Aug 2nd 1913 – S.P, who has been behaving very badly again for some days ran away about 5:30pm.  Could not be found but was discovered at a farm near Chelford next morning where she had arrived about 5:00am having spent the night in the open air.

Feb 3rd 1914 – M.S very naughty, struck the servant, sent to bed…very defiant, isolated for a week to live on bread and milk.  Allowed to mix after apologising before all the girls.

Mar 21st 1914 – Electric light on at Sandlebridge.

Apr 11th 1914 – Miss Dendy, turned on electric light at Warford Hall.

May 8th 1914 – New telephone at the Hall.

Sept 29th 1914 – L.J fell downstairs at the Hospital and cut her hand very badly.

Nov 3rd 1914 – S.P whipped by the Burgess.  Threw an empty cement bottle into the fire in the boys dining room which flew out and burnt a large hole in the tablecloth.

Dec 11th 1914 – W.S and T.H secreted some old iron in a hedge in the garden and sold it to the rag man.


Mar 9th 1915 – I.L making great disturbance at Brook House, threatening to do for people with knives.

Aug 22nd 1915 – K.G put her finger through the mangle.

Jan 17th 1916 – Received a note from the Recruiting Officer at Chester to say that H.C had presented himself for enlistment and enquiring for his character etc.  Sent Mr Beaumont to Chester to fetch him back.

May 15th 1917 – E.C. and R.Y ran away , reached their homes in Manchester and enlisted.

Mar 14th 1922 – E.B scalded her feet.  Meddling with pan of cocoa on kitchen fire.  Sent to hospital.











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